Monday, November 26, 2012


Fire and water are two things that do not mix, because they live on opposite sides, so when we need to eliminate a flame is water that we use.

But in nature there is an unusual place, where these two elements apparently live in relative peace.

At the base of a waterfall, in the U.S. state of New York, there is a different place, where a flame burns eternally beside the waterfall, in a sort of natural chamber, where natural gas is released, and this gas does keep the flame Burning like a candle lost in the woods and hidden behind the waterfall.

The phenomenon for many years led locals to believe that there lived the spirit of nature or even fairies, but over time people have been noticing that there was a smell in that place that was different from other parts of that forest, and eventually it was discovered that what was feeding the flame was a natural gas leak and that put an ending to the legends involving the mysterious flame and its origin.

Still, the phenomenon is nonetheless beautiful and interesting as it is unique in the world and it attracts thousands of tourists every year, who go there to observe the Waterfall of the Eternal Flame burning steadily in a show created by nature.

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