Friday, March 13, 2015


 I know this subject is not of supernatural nature, but it doesn't make it any less scary and dangerous.

When we go to social networks, we are looking for an environment where we can relax and find people with the same interests as we do to befriend.

That was my thought when I started to use my twitter account I had since 2008 in August last year. How wrong I was!

I met a "friend" that at first was the sweetest person I've ever met, he was an MJ RP, always telling how much he loved me, almost too good to be true... because it was...

After a while he asked me to block someone cause they were rude to him and I believed him and did, then some time later he came with the same thing but this time the someone that was rude to him was a good friend of mine, that I knew a lot better than I knew him. So I thought wait, something is fishy there and I waited to talk to her and found out it was the other way around. 

The guy was a control freak that insulted and unfollowed her just because she didn't have an MJ logo on her twitter page, but the day before that he said he loved her so much.

The amazing thing was that the very next day I was the one with a nasty DM of his waiting for me calling me names, accusing me of playing with people's feelings and the list goes on just because I didn't comply with his order to block my friend. Truth is he was just getting started, this way his MO he would tell you to do something and if you didn't he would attack you, block you and tell others on DM to block you too cause you hurt him. This way nobody would ever know what really happened between his victims and himself and he could play the victim.

I started to meet lots of other people he did the same to and I couldn't be quiet cause I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT HE WON'T STOP and many more will be hurt in the future. So the other victims of his and me would talk about what he did to us in hopes others would see and be careful for the same not to happen to them, that's when the bullying started, he making jokes calling us haters, devils that our day was coming, threatening to make a movie to show the good and bad people in his life (a good way to expose us to his followers so more people could bully us), threatened to go to court because we were harassing him and finally put our @ names on his page lying that we were fake MJ fans that have hurt him and would hurt others asking people to please block us.

His last one, he wrote a twitlong talking about suicidal thoughts because the "hate club" according to him (talking about his victims that came out and spoke about what he did in public) hated him and wanted him gone and all the pity talk he could throw out but that a stranger was with him on the phone giving him strength not to kill himself and in the same twitlong he asked people not only to block us but to report us so we would be gone.

Guys social networking bullying is true and nobody is safe from suffering it, and the social network itself won't be much of a help to you. You know how many times this guy was reported? Hundreds and he just deletes tweets and keeps going. So be careful out there, specially with RPs of famous people and unverified pages of famous celebrities that you love. They surely are fakes but they will use the love you have for the celebrity they are portraying to get control over you, and you never know who is on the other side of the screen, can be a psychopath,  a pedophile, a narcissistic and the list goes on.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The Ozone Disco Club located along Timog Avenue corner Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City, opened its door in 1991 and was owned by Segio Orgaoow. Nobody at the time could predict what the future had in store for it. 

Right away the club attracted many young students and couples for a fun night out and became very popular but... in March 18th 1996 tragedy strikes. 

The house was overcrowded with nearly 350 students (most of the club guests were high school and college students attending graduation or end-of-the-school-year celebrations) and 40 club employees although it had been approved for occupancy of only 35 people, when shortly before midnight at 11:35 pm a little fire sparkled for 3 to 4 times. 

Survivors said at first they thought it was all part of the DJ's special effects but after some minutes flames broke out, engulfing the place and caused the mezzanine to collapse. Many of the bodies that were discovered were along the corridor leading to the only exit, piled up waist-high and it was said that the emergency exit door was blocked by a new building next door and locked by the bodyguards thinking a riot was taking place inside the club and also there was no proper fire exit installed. 

The final death count was reported as between 160 and 162 people but it the story doesn't end there. It just begins... some time after the fire rumors started to spread about the place being haunted. 

People would pass by the Disco and see shadowy figures watching them from the broken windows, whispering coming from the cursed Club and some crazy photographers captured ghost photos too. 

With time some mediums were brought to make contact with the spirits of the victims who gave details of what happened that tragic night and were still trapped in the nightmare just wanting to say goodbye to their loved ones to finally find some peace.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


"Duérmete mi niño, duérmeteme ya...
Que viene el Coco y te comerá."
(sleep my child, sleep now...
or else the bogeyman will come and will eat you.)

In every culture, there is that mythological monster that gives you the feeling that there is something out there just waiting to get you.

How many of us can ever forget that frighting warning to behave good or else at night the monster under our bed would come to get us?

El cucuy (known in different regions as Coco, Cuco, Coca, or Cuca), for example, is the Spanish speaking countries equivelant to the boogie man. 

El Cucuy is a mythical ghost monster with taunting pointed teeth and razor-sharp claws, that hides in closets or under beds and likes to eat misbehaving children, the ones who fail to obey authority. 

In Spain and Latin America, parents and grandparents sometimes invoke El Cucuy as a way of discouraging their children from misbehaving; they sing lullabies or tell rhymes warning their children that if they don't obey their parents, el Cucuy will come and get them and then eat them.

No matter how old we are the fear is universal... once night falls, that's when the monster creatures come out!

Friday, December 20, 2013


This legend was well known in the eighties. The following names are fictitious.

Mr. Jones was a retired man who had as a hobby. He loved to spend his money buying antiques: buying furniture, lamps, old documents, etc.. Until one day, when a man of very poor appearance approached him. The man offered a clock that was actually very old, the price equivalent to approximately thirty dollars nowadays. John bought it quickly, and was happy to see that poor man with an expression of relief when he left.

He then asked his wife to hang that beautiful clock on the wall, just above the rocker nineteenth century. One day John was reading the newspaper, which was customary when his wife heard a very strange noise. Upon arriving in the room, she encountered a horrific scene: her husband lying on the floor, his head crushed by the clock and rocking chair collapsed to the ground. Traumatized, the lady sold the house and the furniture and moved in with relatives.

An antique dealer bought all the furniture and objects, except the clock, which was purchases by a woman in her early thirties. She was a divorced woman, who did not used to collect old objects, but had felt very drawn to this simple clock. She put the clock beside the bed since she thought it was too heavy to be hung on the wall. A week later, her children heard a strange noise coming from the woman's room. When they opened the door, they found the poor girl lying on the floor, crushed by the clock. Again, this object has been sold. 

They say this clock still goes from house to house, intact always victimizing people, destroying families mysteriously. 

Conclusion: If you see an antique clock being sold for a very low price, be suspicious! It may be this haunted clock, protagonist of a legend that even today gives rise to much discussion.

Monday, April 1, 2013


A beggar knocks on the door of an emperor; it is early morning. The emperor was coming out for a morning walk in his beautiful garden; otherwise it would have been difficult for the beggar to have an appointment with him. But there was no mediator to prevent him.

The emperor said, "What do you want?" The beggar said, "Before you ask that, think twice!" The emperor has never seen such a lion of a man; he has fought wars, has won victories, has made it clear that nobody is more powerful than him, but suddenly this beggar says to him, "Think twice of what you are saying, because you may not be able to fulfill it!"

The king said, "Don't be worried, that is my concern; you ask what you want, it will be done!"

The beggar said, "You see my begging bowl? I want it to be filled! It does not matter with what, the only condition is that it should be filled, it should be full. You can still say no, but if you say yes, then you are taking a risk."

The emperor laughed. Just a beggar's bowl... and he is being given a warning? He told his premier to fill the beggar's bowl with diamonds, so that this beggar would know who he was asking.

The beggar again said, "Think twice." And soon it became apparent that the beggar was right, because the moment the diamonds were poured into his begging bowl they simply disappeared!

The word began to spread like wildfire in the capital; thousands of people arrived to watch. When the precious stones were finished the king said, "Bring out all the gold and silver, everything! My whole kingdom, my whole integrity is being challenged." But by the evening everything had disappeared and there were only two beggars left--one used to be the emperor.

The emperor said, "Before I ask your forgiveness for not listening to your warning, please tell me the secret of this begging bowl."

The beggar said, "There is no secret. I have polished it, made it look like a bowl, but it is a human skull. You go on pouring anything into it and it disappears."

The story is tremendously meaningful. Have you ever thought about your own begging bowl? Everything disappears--power, prestige, respectability, riches--everything disappears and your begging bowl goes on opening its mouth for more. And the "more" takes you away from this. The desire, the longing for something else takes you away from this moment.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: the majority are running after shadows; their begging bowls will remain with them till they enter their graves. And a very small minority, one in a million, stops running, drops all desires, asks for nothing--and suddenly he finds everything within himself.

Ps.: Taken from the Osho Zen Tarot Of Transformation.