Saturday, November 24, 2012


This fact, as I was told, happened in São Leopoldo, a county in the State of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. It was the time when the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was not yet built, there was only the Jesuit College and, beside it, the priests' cemetery.

On a cold rainy night, a guy came with his bike home from work. Although he was afraid to go through the cemetery in the dark, that was the way to get to his home. He was riding in the dark, in the rain when lightning brightened the sky and he saw three figures who passed close to him, by the roadside.

They were three Jesuit priests in their black and long outfits and they passed through the boy, made a blessing sign and moved on. Guido – this was the name of the young worker - thought very strange to see those religious men walking around there at that time and under that weather. And even stranger, they were completely dry and did not carry umbrellas. Then, turning back, to his dismay and surprise there was no one there! The road was deserted.

Realizing that he had just faced something from the other world (supernatural), Guido made the sign of the cross and rode at full speed and never pass that way again, because the three priests could still be there waiting for him...

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