Thursday, November 29, 2012


If someone asks who is the last person anyone would think of robbing certainly 80% or more of respondents answer would be "Chuck Norris".

Over the years a lot of jokes about Chuck Norris appeared, but many do not know somebody actually have tried to rob him once, check out the real story:

Surprisingly two idiots tried it in 1994. Norris mentions all of this in his autobiography, "Against All Odds". And, by his testimony, that's what happened...

In 1994, early in his job as Walker, Texas Ranger, Norris was living in Dallas, Texas, where the show was filmed. One day he was walking down the street all alone, no entourage, no fans following him, no bodyguards, not even his wife. He turned next to a block in the commercial area of ​​downtown skyscrapers and saw two men, a little bigger than him, coming straight for him on the other side of the court.

They were looking right at him, Norris thought they wanted autographs. Then he walked up to them and stopped with a smile, after that, the one that was in front of him, picked up a pair of large knives, and said: "Give me your wallet, Chuck! Give it to me!"

Norris amazed opened his mouth, and then asked: "Are you crazy!

"No, we know who you are! And we know you have a lot of money! Now give it to me, or you're dead!"

Now, before we go any further, let's just go over some of the particulars. All jokes aside, Chuck Norris actually has the following belts: 1st degree in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 8th Degree Master in Tae Kwon Do, 9th degree in Jeet Kune Do with Bruce Lee ( he was Lee's best student), Dan Inosanto, 10th degree Shito-Ryu Karate, 10th degree in Tang Soo Do, 11 degrees in Chun Kuk Do.

Granted, his art is his own mix, a hybrid of all the best moves he's learned over the years, all blended for both self-defense and competition, and is only allowed a grade of 10 or better at anything when you found your own dojo. But that's enough to say that the burglars never used their weapons.

The police arrived about 4 minutes later, three officers in two cars, and were greeted by a scene of two men with guns, very broken (the bones had gone through the skin) sitting on the sidewalk, two knives with blood in the gutter, and Chuck Norris, the Almighty, leaning against the wall, wearing his beard, jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.... and giving shoulders for them. The police started laughing so hard, holding up the walls, unable to put the cuffs on the thieves. One of the officers asked: "Didn't you not know who he was?"

The thief said: "Yes, we knew who he was! We thought all the crap that appeared on TV was fake!"

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