Wednesday, November 28, 2012


They say that when people are very close, even after death, they are able to communicate.

A long time ago an old lady complained of constant chest pain, but at the time the medicine did not have all the resources we have today, leading to the poor lady's death on a cold winter morning.

The funeral, as the usual, was done at home, and before arriving the night, she was buried.

Her husband, already used to live with her for so many years, was heartbroken, he would now have to face life alone, since their children were all grown up, married and lived far away.

On this same night, still feeling very lost, he tried to make something to eat, using a lantern and some lit candles on the table, when he heard the cries of his wife in the room, screaming his name.

Amid groans, she said "Emiro, help me", which left him paralyzed. Even terrified, he had to go see, then took courage, took a lamp and went to the room.

As he was approaching the room, he realized that the voice and cry were disappearing until it was complete silence. When he entered the room, saw their messy bed and did not understand because he was sure he left it tidy, but decided to go back to the kitchen. When leaving the room the crying started again, then he came back and put the lamp inside the room, trying to see something, that was when he saw the legs of his dead wife in bed, but he would not see his face because he feared what he could see.

The legs, now gray, writhing on the bed. Scared, he ran out of the room while she screamed "Emiro, help me", and then her voice trailed off.

The fear had taken hold of him, so he decided to stay on the porch smoking his pipe to calm down because he had nowhere to go. Without the courage to get inside the house, he ended up sleeping on the porch.

But his nightmare had just begun. He ended up dreaming that his wife was in the coffin, and "clawed desperately trying to leave the lid until her nails began to disengage from her flesh, her mouth went dry and she could not find the air anymore, until completely lost her strength and with her eyes wide open and look of dread, she died. "

Startled, he woke up in the balcony, almost breathless, as if he was inside the coffin. Trying to calm down, he stopped, breathed, and decided to talk to their children. His brother tried to calm him, saying it was nothing, it was just a nightmare he had because he was still reeling from the recent loss.

But for him, something was wrong, so he decided to ask the sheriff to exhume his wife's body, but this was denied, since there was not any evidence, and dreams could not prove anything.

The same nightmare was repeated for several days and increasingly seemed more and more real, leaving the husband increasingly terrified and unsure of what to do. Desperate and crying, he decided to again ask the sheriff who scared and worried about the man's state of mind, decided to grant the request.

When the coffin was opened, they heard screaming. Terrified people started crying watching the scene. "The coffin lid was scratched, his wife's mouth and eyes wide open, as in the dream."

This was the last day anyone doubted a dream.

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