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One of the most remarkable stories involving the famous dr. Narciso Gomes (1857-1923) - the "Father of the Poor" - was taken by the speaker and broadcaster Cardoso Silva and published in the extinct Araras Newspaper, on June 25, 1953. 

Decades later, the writer Emilio Wolff published it in an autobiographical book and, more recently, Professor Adilson Oliveira Costa turned it into a comic book.

This story has a curious passage involving this famous medical history of a supernatural nature, but usually explained for spiritualism, in which he, even after his death, went to see a patient in a rural town. The incident took place in Araras, a little town in São Paulo, and it is considered historical fact in the town. It was in the distant August 24, 1923, date of death of the doctor.


Rainy Tuesday. Old streets of blurry mud. And a kind of funeral floor resounded in all corners of the old Araras.

- Doctor Narciso died! ...

There down in the Tiradentes street, the home that was almost to the corner by the missing Aurora Pharmacy (where it is today's shoe store) were getting friendly people, politicians, the people that led a tear to the corpse of the father of the poor in the most touching silent tributes! ...

The town was grim. A slow moving took the creatures to the bier of Narciso Gomes. Holiday spot. Mourning in the souls of the fellows of the great character man. Of the doctor with confirmed wisdom. And the news spreading, more and more:

- Doctor Narciso died! ...

That afternoon the walking companions would take the corpse of the honest politician in the silver coffin to the Municipal Necropolis. The rain continued. Some would say that the sincere nature of Araras mourned too!

* * *

Rain falls. Red mud on wet roads. The house of a poor worker. A sick, gaunt, very pale woman lying on a humble bed. Gasps. Double pneumonia. A client of Dr.. Narciso Gomes. Her husband - a lean and strong fellow - nervous. Noticing the fever dominating the poor wife. And thinking:

- It rains a lot. He will not come.

The patient groans. The husband suffers. Suddenly, knocks on the dry old door. The worker answers. Is the doctor arriving. Dr. Narciso, in person. And as always - all dressed in white. White linen suit. White shoes. White socks. White tie and a white shirt with hard white collar. And - curious! - White hair. Enters. Greets cordial, friendly. As always. And throws the classic question:

- How's our patient doing?

Go to the room. The caboclo's joy is such that he doesn't repair that it is still raining hard outside, but the dear doctor is not wet. That did not bring mud under his feet. That there was not even a coach at the door. The worker does not even remember to ask about the way dr. Narciso arrived there. The doctor examines his patient. Smiles and says:

- You, my friend, still today send this recipe I will give. I will not have to come over again, ya know? Your wife is saved. As long as she takes it, right away the medicine I prescribed.

- Yes, sir, doctor. Right away...

And after writing the recipe, signed and dated. Then, in a fatherly smile, tender, says farewell to his client. And the worker asks:

- When will you be back, Doctor?

- I do not know - Sighed Dr. Narciso.

And seeing that the doctor left the room, the worker asks:

- You're already leaving? Do not want me to accompany you?

- No - it was the answer. To where I go, I must go alone.

And his gesture made the husband stay with the patient. And he left. The worker heard when the door opened and the noise was accompanied by the roar of a strong thunder. The rain continued to fall...

* * *

In the same rainy afternoon. The worker goes into Araras and realize the air of gloom that enveloped the whole town. Goes straight to Aurora Pharmacy. Find it closed. The worker thinks it is a national holiday. Hit the gate, at the side. The lady of the pharmacist answers the man, wet with rain:

- Good afternoon! I came to fill a prescription!

- My husband is not here. He went to the cemetery, the funeral... if you want, you can come in and wait at the drugstore. Not to stay in the rain!

- Thanks, I'll wait!

In the photo, the German Pharmacy, from Paul Kuhlmann, 1914 (Current Shoe Buzolin), in which the episode happened.

The man waited. Sitting on a bench of the characteristic old town pharmacy. Came the pharmacist. He greeted the customer in a smile. But the worker noticed sadness in the face of the friendly pharmacist. The worker explained why he was there, it was a shock:

- But you're sure about what you say? That this happened today?

- Yes, sir. Today... at around two o'clock this afternoon. After he left I took the horse and came quickly because still today I have to give the medicine to the woman!

The pharmacist could take no more:

- I can not believe! At that time we were guarding the corpse of Dr. Narciso Gomes and he, in fact, was fully dressed in white... even the shoes! I'm coming back from the cemetery right now! I'm coming back from his funeral...

The worker turned white. He began to sweat. Gained new impetus and delivered the recipe. There was the dated prescription with the authentic signature of Dr. Narciso Gomes.

Even after death, dr. Narciso, dressed in white, rescued another of his poor ones.

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