Sunday, November 27, 2011


The "Pishtaco", a great history of High Andean origin, is based on the figure of an alien who attacked people and annihilated his frighteningly neighbors. It would be neither more nor less than a mass murderer, a vampire that attacks women and men late at night. The tales of Pishtaco are bloody and frightening, filling with suspicion even the most incredulous mortal.

Who has not heard an interesting and familiar story of "Pishtaco"? who has not felt an icy chill through their body from head to foot to hear the stories of the High Andean people, that tell as the Pishtaco attacked and annihilated villages?

It is unclear where Pishtaco first appeared, but its bloody reputation of Hunter of men has spread to many places of the high Andean region of Peru, some of them would be Junin, Huancavelica, Cuzco, Ayacucho, Apurimac, Pasco and the Sierra de Lima.

This vampire and / or hunter of men and women, enjoys traveling alone and assaulting people through the streets of their towns very late at night, his modus operandi is to behead its victims, then cut them into pieces and separates the skin and fat from the human flesh, and later feed on the flesh of their prey and market skin and fat removed from the victims. They say that if its victims are thin The Pishtaco bury them alive to fertilize the land.

He was described as an athletic-looking man with blue eyes and golden hair like the sun. An alien who attacked the villages and annihilated their inhabitants.

This evil being has its main victims in low-income people, travelers, or people from abroad.

It is said that the fat extracted from its victims is sold to industrial use to make soap, or as an industrial lubricant for large industrial machines and / or technology. It is also said that with the fat extracted from the victims it could have been made healing creams, lotions, beauty, fuel for vehicles, etc..

Locals say that this fantastic character was part of the Government, or was protected, therefore acted with complete freedom to commit its crimes.

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  1. The story you described here may or may not be true, but its absolutely amusing and fascinating. I really like horrific stories to read or watch and i am a great fan of vampire is yours :).