Saturday, August 6, 2011


A strange apparition of a ghost girl was photographed by a teacher in a school auditorium, behind a group of students.

The unusual incident happened at the Normal School in Villa Mercedes, San Luis (Argentina), and the photo was taken at a security conference, offered by the inspector of police station, Gladys Perez and teachers, held in the auditorium of the establishment.

One of the teachers, decided to photograph the event and when downloaded the images taken with her digital camera, you can see the portrait of a girl sitting in the back and completely apart from the rest of the students, and that none of the participants had seen in the meeting.

Confused, she showed it to her colleagues, and all concluded that she had not attended the meeting, neither recognized nor considered a regular student of the college. All claimed that they never saw her in school, she had never attended school and had no records of this girl, officials said.

"Many people saw the image. Points. It's like a blurry figure sitting in place. Some say the ghost of the auditorium," said Daniela Rivas, director of the Normal School in Villa Mercedes, Cadena 3.

To further deepen the mystery, Professor Gaston Aseff, sent the picture for employees, specialized in images and detection of counterfeiting, which concluded that the evidence presented is a photograph that has not been tampered or altered or digitally manipulated.

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