Friday, August 5, 2011


Imagine the surprise of residents in a Chinese village that suddenly seen the emergence of a giant mirage of a 'ghost town' with towers and vegetation along the river in Xin'an Huanshan City in eastern China. The appearance came at the beginning of June after heavy rains and maximum conditions of humidity.

In the photo, you can see tall buildings, mountains and trees that seem to arise through the ghostly mist that had descended over the river at dusk in a place where people usually only see the skyline.

Some residents were so impressed with the vision that came to say that the city would be submerged and that may belong to a civilization that can be lost in time. But some experts do not believe in legends and ghostly apparitions, then tried to give their scientific interpretation of the phenomenon.

They believe that the vision may have been a mirage - an illusion so common in wet weather. The phenomenon is caused when moisture from the air is warmer than the temperature of the water, projecting images in the air. Normally, the mirage is typically cloudy and bright, like a reflection in the water view.

Okay that science always has an explanation for everything, but the Chinese mirage impresses as if it was truly "out of this world", don´t you think? Check out more photos below!

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