Friday, June 17, 2011


A supposed spirit is spreading panic in the health center of St. Barnadas, the African country has a strong superstitious tradition in relatin to the ancestors.

A spirit that appears at night has been terrorizing the workers at St. Barnabas in Libode, South Africa so much that those responsible for the hospital opened an official investigation, given the magniture that this matter is taking: The employees now refuse to work the night shift.

Machines go on and off by themselves, visions of a nurse who disappears in thin air and calls at the doors of some medical trainees are part of this nysterious cocktail.

The first report, three weeks ago, came from the medical students that work in the hospital alleging to the director that "at night someone knocks on the door and when we go answer that is nobody in the hallway". At first nobody took them seriously.

The last one to testify that there is a spirit in the building was a worker who says: "I met at night an uniformed nurse with a purse in front of the hospital. I asked where she was going and she said she was going to work and disappeared."

The health center decided then to take the case seriously and they are investigaing the events. "It could be a serious problem for the hospital, since the workers refuse to work the night shift", said the spokesman. "We are also concerned about the operations that occur early, as some machines are switched off in the middle of the intervention", says Kupelo.

In South Africa there is a strong belief in everything that is related to the spirits.

Belief in contact with the ancestors is part of the culture of many people. And the respect for their figure is crucial, specially in rural areas. The health center itself recognizes that this could affect  seriously the operation of the hospital.

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