Friday, June 17, 2011


The "appearance" has become theme of the Cordel literature. In Jaguaruana, creativity is not lacking. A story appeared in the city that has left many people affraid to leave home at night.

The subject is discussed in the corners, in bars, schools and even on the radio. According to commets during the nights moves a creature with woman´s body where it should be the horses head resembling a centair (the mythical Greek creature.

The "female horse" when seen by someone starts chasing that person.

To avoid the risk of finding the creature, some young people after leaving a party, join in groups to return home and some curious people are hunting the animal.

Reports of the apparition of the "woman horse" run by the city. According to Geovane, 18 years old, he was leaving the circus on a sunday and while getting home he saw this "woman" that asked him where he was going and he ran scared home being chased by the creature. Neighbors heard his screams, armed themselves with sticks and went after the creature.

According to comments, this "horse woman" was a simple housewife with 3 kids that lived in Rio Grande do Norte. Discovering her husband was cheating on her she got angry and jealous killing her 3 children and making a pact with the devil. The husband, after finding his children dead by his own wife killed her with stabs, but the woman came "back from the dead" to find her children and when she spots someone, goes on to ask for them.

The population of the city is divided. Some believe and say they are scared to death, others say it is more an invention of people´s imagination.

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