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Many people know the Italian John Melchior Bosco, the priest who helped poor children in the city of Turin. Here in Brazil, there is the work of the Salesians, where there are several educational institutions, Shrines and churches, where they tell the story of struggles and victories of this educator.

"(...) In the early days of his ministry he was in danger either because of bandits, who thought he had money, as by merchants and city officials, who resented his attempts to organize and educate their future cheap labor. Over the years, Don Bosco has survived several attempts on his life. They could have been successful were not for the repeated - and almost unspeakable - interventions of huge Grigio. When Bosco was in danger the grid dog appeared from nowhere to chase their attackers. Once order was restored, he simply turned and walked away.

Over the years, the reputation grew and nor thieves nor local officials dared touch Bosco. The powerful Grigio, which was always attracted by the problems simply disappeared, never to be seen." 

One evening in 1852, returning home alone, the priest realized that a bandit was following a few steps away, ready to strike him. Don Bosco began to run, but little later, he faced a corner with the rest of the gang which barred the path. Suddenly stopped and stuck his elbow in the chest of the first attacker, who fell to the ground screaming, "I'll die!" I'll die!" 

At that moment the dog came providential. Tossed from side to side, giving terrifying barks with such fury that the criminals had to ask for St. John Bosco to calm him down and keep it with him while they tried to flee. 

On another occasion, his guard stopped him from leaving home. It was night, and Don Bosco had to leave. Mama Margarita tried to dissuade him, but he calmed down, took his hat and was leaving, accompanied by some guys. At the gate, found lying on the ground Grigio. 

- Oh, Grigio, the better we will be well accompanied! Arise and come with us, "said to the dog. 

But the dog, instead of obeying, he growled and did not budge. One of the boys whipped with his foot to see if he could lift it, but he grinned menacingly.
Mama Margaret then told the child: 

- You would not hear me, hear now the dog: do not leave at this time! 

To satisfy the desire of the mother, Don Bosco returned to the house. Soon after, a neighbor came running to warn him not to leave at that moment, because four armed men roamed the neighborhood, determined to kill him. 

The fact was later confirmed by people worthy of faith. This dog can "predict the future” and act accordingly even if it was a simple brute? The founder of the Salesians did not answer this question. But he made his disciples an interesting narrative, transcribed below in his own words. 

Report of Don Bosco 

“Grigio was the subject of many conversations and several hypotheses. Many of you have seen and even touched him. Leaving aside the stories that pilgrims have him if I will expose the truth. 

Because of frequent attacks that I was targeted, I was advised not to walk alone to go to the city of Turin or to go back. 

In late November 1854, a dark, rainy afternoon, returning from the city, at some point I realized that two men walked a short distance in front of me. Accelerated or slowed down, every time I sped up or slowed. When, not to meet with them, I tried to pass to the opposite side, with great skill they placed themselves in front of me. Wanted to go back but had no time: giving two leaps back, I threw a cloak over his face. One of them managed to gag me with a handkerchief. I wanted to scream but could not. 

At that very moment came Grigio. Roaring like a bear, fell down with their feet against the face of one, with open mouth against the other, so that most suited them involve the dog than me. 

- Call the dog! - Shouted amazed.
- I would, yes, but let the passengers in peace.
- Call soon! 

Grigio continued to howl like angry bear. They set out again, and Grigio, always beside me, accompanied me. I returned to the Oratory escorted by him. 

On nights when no one was with me, as it passed the last houses saw I Grigio across the street. Often the young people of the Oratory saw him enter the courtyard. Some wanted to beat him, others throw stones at him. 

- Do not molest the dog is of Don Bosco - Joseph Buzzetti said to them. 

Then they all began to caress him and followed him to the refectory, where I was dining with some clerics and priests, and with my mother. Faced with such an unexpected visit, they were all afraid. 

- Have no fear, is my Grigio, let him come - I said. 

Taking a long detour around the table came to me, making party. I also stroked and offered him soup, bread and meat, but he refused. More: not even smelled the food. 

Then continuing to show signs of satisfaction, put his head on my knees, as if to tell me or give me good night, and then with great enthusiasm and joy, the boys followed him out. I remember that night had returned home late at night and a friend had brought me in his carriage. 

The last time I saw Grigio was in 1866 when he went to the Moncucco Murialdo, the house of Louis Moglia, my friend. The pastor of Buttigliera wished to accompany me for a good stretch of road, and this made the night surprised me in the middle of the road. 

- Oh! here if I had my Grigio, which would be good! - I thought. 

At that moment Grigio came running towards me with great demonstrations of joy, and accompanied me on the stretch of road that still had to travel about three miles. Arriving at my friend's house talked with the family and went to supper, leaving my companion to rest in a corner. After dinner, the friend said:  - We give food to your dog. 

And taking some food, took it to the dog but could not find him in any corner of the room and the house. Everyone was surprised because no door, no window had been opened, and the dogs of the house gave no alarm.

That was the last I heard of him. I never knew his owner. Many years after this fact, D. Bosco was in the mountains of Liguria and, among those lost canyons at night, not knowing what direction to take to get to town, invoking his guardian angel, Grigio approached, joked with him and drove on the right path to the house to which D. Bosco was getting at. Then he disappeared. Society Apostolate "

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  1. Graywolves go! DB's life fascinates me...especially how he had a spiritual companion with him...and a wolfish hound at that... :3