Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A Chilean news channel showed footage of a tragic car crash on Route A-16, known as "The Damn Road" by locals. The photos of the accident show something peculiar.

In one of the images, the photographer claims to have captured the image of the deceased. Friends of the dead agree with the assumption of the photographer, saying that the translucent appearance seems to be wearing the same type of clothes that the dead friend used.

Ghost? Blur? Fraud?

Below a brief summary of the video:

Announcer: "What follows is one of those stories that can become a legend. A Carabinieri (military police) are sure that he photographed the spirit of a man who died a few minutes before in a car accident."

Reporter: "Images of a spirit watching his own body. Just chilling. This is what we see in this picture in the red circle.

Photographed on 19 July 2008 by a police just 20 minutes after an accident on Highway A-16, known as "The Damn Road. Died in the accident, Fernando Guerrero Tapia 50 years old and Alberto Galligillos Morardes, 43. These are the images of the fatal accident. The Spirit would be Fernando Guerrero Tapia. According to his friends, the translucent silhouette seems to use the same clothes that Fernando Tapia was wearing when he died."

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