Thursday, October 29, 2009


Raul had moved a little over two years for a neighborhood that was in the same city where he grew up. He was a man of middle age. He had always been seen as a quiet man was never seen in company of friends, was never seen receiving visitors, was quiet and very few were the times that someone heard him pronounce any word. There are rumors that say he was like that because of an injury he had suffered as a young man, in fact the trauma actually happened, but this by far was caused due to the escape of his parents leaving him abandoned, as people say.

Raul was 14 and got home from school. As usual lunch was ready, he as a constant DejaVu, threw the backpack on the couch, gave a kiss on his mother and went straight to sit at the table.

- Raul my son, how many times I have to say you need to wash your hands to sit at the table? Every day I have to say the same thing, so you'll end up getting an infection and will take some work for me, as always .- said Vera, Raul's mother.

- Mom you´re so dramatic. I get exposed to bacteria all the time, I will not die if I eat without washing my hands, I use knife and fork and not my hands to eat. And besides, if I swallow two or three bacterias there is no problem...

- Enough, you better eat or food will get cold.- Vera said smiling.

Raul laughed and began to eat greedily as if he had not seen food for decades. There was a car coming and Vera looked out the kitchen window to see who it was.

- Look, your father has arrived. Did something happened? - Vera left the kitchen and Raul continued to eat without giving importance to what she said.

After a few minutes Vera came into the kitchen along with Arthur, father of Raul.

- Hi son, everything´s all right? - Said Arthur.

- Everything, something happened?

- Well, things happen all the time.

- Bah, this I know. Is that you never got that time at home since you started working.

- That´s the first time today, I decided to take your mother out to lunch .- Raul got surprised, but it was not so unusual his father having crazy outbursts of romanticism.

- Bye Raulzito, I'm hungry.

- You go like that? With clothes to stay home?

- What's wrong? Stop being glib boy, bye... I'm gone, I'm not here .- Vera gave farewell smiling being taken in hand by Arthur, who already showed impatience.

- Bye, big guy. We will not take long.- Arthur said giving a bye with the other hand.

Raul spent the afternoon alone, used to play video games and eat the swill he wanted without being harassed. The night was already extending his long arms on the horizon and Raul began to worry because his parents were taking long to come back and had not given a call. He decided to call his father but noticed that the phone from his room was silent, left the room to call from the livingroom and met with Arthur and Vera standing in the middle of the room.

- Hell, nor heard the noise of the car, was good huh! By the time you arrived, you must have eaten the whole restaurant.

Arthur shook hands with Vera and went in the direction of Raul who opened his arms to embrace them. Raul froze, froze when realized his parents went through his body. Shocked, he turned quickly and saw them still walk hand in hand toward the wall that was also crossed by them, leaving a nearly imperceptible light.

To this day on, Raul never saw his parents or heard any news of them, the police never knew what happened and the few relatives they had given the case closed because they could not do anything. Raul was taken to live with his mother's sister. He never touched on the subject, cause he felt that the mere mention of the word death, body or burial, pluck him visceral pain. He knew what had happened and this secret he would never reveal to anyone.

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