Friday, October 30, 2009


The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. The blood was drained or exhausted from the bodies of dead animals and also were not reported sightings of the beings possibly causing the facts.

More recently the occurrences of this kind have become more frequent and regular in various regions of the world. A few years occurred in Brazil, dozens of cases involving even the sighting of monstrous beings, close to the sites. Also OVET's (extraterrestrial flying objects) were observed during the night, flying over the areas affected by the phenomenon. The animals involved in these incidents were sheep, chickens, dogs and goats themselves. The sites were in reference farms, close to homes, neighborhoods of cities and even closed backyards.

The basic features provided by the phenomenon are as follows:

* Occurrence during the night;
* Absence of noise or excitement of animals;
* Absence of marks in the soil or vegetation, showing signs of attack or fight;
* Injuries or bites, the necks of animals mutilated;
* Absence of blood in the bodies of animals;
* No traces of blood externally;
* Removal of some organs;
* Removal of fetuses (in one case at least in Brazil);
* Several animals affected in the same place and the same night;
* Presence sometimes found in the nearby region of creepy beings;
* Frequent observations OVET's in affected areas at the facts.

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