Thursday, October 29, 2009


On the road, when talking about amazing stories the truck drivers never forget the "Rainy Bride".

It´s a story about a young couple that would get married. He was a truck driver named Jordan, she, a beautiful woman named Suzana who sang in a church choir.

The boy would have to pay a trip to the celebration of this long-awaited union. In return then, join his heart with his beloved.

She, very happy, did not talk about anything else. Her mornings have never been so beautiful. Thousands of plans passing through that little head. Get her house, her children, would be on the window, smiling, when the prince of the road were to arrive.

So the date of that day arrived, but he (nobody knows why) failed to return. Suzana hopefully, in front of the mirror, saw the desperate hours pass. Gradually that hope changed to uncertainty. Everyone wanted to help with words, gestures, but nobody could do nothing.

Suzana ran to the side of the road that passed through their city and began to wait. Her parents begged her to come home, but the poor one faced days of despair waiting for her beloved one. In one of those afternoons a cold rain caused Suzana pneumonia that took her life.

The couple did not realize their dream and Suzana´s lover never returned. But still, the truck driver that to go through that city on a rainy afternoon will be surprised with a terrible conclusion: in the edges of the road he´ll see a girl who was and still is waiting for a guy who will never come.

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