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I do not know if this is a true story, just kindly ask you to read it with a neutral point of view.

Manaus June 18, 2005, the police finally located the two Aragon brothers and the sister, a fact that despite highly publicized by the press gained little national impact due to lack of clarification from the authorities.

Two brothers were found dead in mysterious circumstances, the second a girl who was in the range of eighteen, was found wandering lost in the woods, naked. Been committed by a kind of momentary madness and today is under psychiatric treatment.

The news released by the police were very absurd and contradictory. No one knew, in fact, what had actually occurred.

By the year 2008, when an alleged letter came up. In that letter the youngest brother Roberval narrates a fact that could explain the mystery occurred on that date, but police denied the veracity of the letter.

In the letter they report the existence of a tape recorder, the researchers say that this writer has never existed, but many say it, even today, it´s under police power. The family does not confirm the facts and since 2006 do not appear in public and has made it clear they will never talk about this subject...

No one knows for sure how the contents of this letter hit the Internet, just know that this is a fascinating story.

Here is the contents of that letter:

"(Manaus June 15, 2005)

19:12 - I, Roberval Aragon, start the fact that no doubt will change the course of humanity. My brothers and I are three years in preparation for this day, and today we will change the course of history. We will be icons of modern religion of any sect or secret order.

19:54 - We are heading to a cabin, which lies in a region far away from Manaus, but specifically in the east, is after the district Teixeira Jorge, I'm not sure the name of the town... Reinaldo was the one who tried to find the site, said there was a perfect location for the ritual, I hope everything works out.

20:22 - We're stuck in traffic, my brother is impatient, Alicia our middle sister had to turn off the phone. My father is bothering.

23:12 - We´re here! It took a long time, but finally arrived... Now we have to prepare the ground.

23:15 - I was unable to help in the preparation of the site, make it clear that my brother is a tyrant. He thinks he knows everything, and who found a way to bring it to our world was me. Let me be clear that he thinks he knows how to proceed, but all he knows it was taught by me.

23:20 - The day is perfect, we have a beautiful new moon which signifies the beginning of a new cycle, the night is hot and everything made here will not die but only be leaving in search of a new and real meaning.

23:22 - Sorry, let me explain what is the ritual. Today we bring to earth the great Horthembrak, but we need to invoke a Djinn, and through him we call Horthembrak.

It is a laborious process, I do not have much time, so I will not explain to you who is Horthembrak or what is a Djinn, I shall explain how to invoke them. I just hope you do not try to do this without proper preparation, we made a long study to get where we are:

First you need to have at hand any material: carbon black, a glass bottle bathed in water with salt and pine needles, four black candles, a book of the Bible, you must also have a black cape, the text of Genesis, a handful of coal dust and you can not forget the compass. After the material you must draw the stone coal a huge letter "c" on the ground, it has to be about to close, it should have only a small opening for the leader of the ritual to enter. Not forgetting that this entry should be in opposition to Jerusalem. You have to find exactly the north, south, east and west and every point you put a candle. You have to put coal dust at the base, since it symbolizes the ashes. And before you entered the circle walk around it eighteen times in a counter-clockwise. Burn the page of the Bible Genesis 1-6 where he talks about the creation of man. Then the person inside the circle has to put their feet facing southwest, they must kneel and touch forehead on the floor and call the fire Djin, this symbolizes submission.

In that the others outside the main circle are only protected by a circle of salt and should follow the invocation. Must say something in Latin:

"IN MEDIO firmamentum aquarum ET separete AQUAS AB AQIS quæ SUPERIUS Sicut Inferius, ET Inferius Sicut Quae Quae SUPER, AD PERPETRANDA MIRACULOUS KING unius. Pater ejus EST SOL, LUNA VENTUS ET MATER HANC GESTAVIT IN UTERO SUO, ascendit EARTH AD COELUM ET Rursus The COELO IN Terran Descendit. Exorcise TE CREATURE AQUAE, UT SIS Mihi SPECULUM DEI VIVI IN operibus ejus, FONS VITAE ET, ET Ablutie peccatorum. AMEN."

I do not know what it means, just know that we have studied a lot to learn all phonemes, refused to speak wrong, my brother just told me that this is not anything satanic, not even Christian, but the elemental forces, spirits of life. We do not believe in God or the Devil, only in cosmic forces, energies of nature and the guardian spirits. I believe that this move of the Bible and the references to Jerusalem, no more than mere symbolism.

00:32 -Finally finished preparing, I guarantee if it was me, I for sure would have done it faster. They called me, I must go to my circle of protection, but I will not let go my notebook, will record everything.

00:37 - My brother went into his circle and began the ritual, Alicia asked me to stop writing and concentrate on the rite.

01:27 - He is standing with his forehead on the floor, there is no reaction sketching, I was afraid he was sick a few minutes he let out a groan strange as that of twigs being broken, I'm not scared, just anxious.

01:44 - Awesome, my brother is possessed, he said it is the very Horthembrak and not a Djinn, said he'd love me to write everything about it. I feel the most important man on the planet.

What I will write are not the words of my brother, but the great Horthembrak:

Horthembrak: The Life, we can say that it is only an illusion. You live for years, but it's worth? If you miss, be condemned to eternal fire. This is how Christians think. Pure spoof. There is no hell or the underworld, there are only two poles, two choices and two masters. If you do not like one, moves to serve the other and if you like this other, how this could hurt you? Think about it, hell is not a place of torture but a new kind of paradise, a place of joy for those we like.

I: What happens when our spirits are on earth tormenting people what does that mean?

Horthembrak: (laughs) You are very childish. Do you really believe that a girl raped will torments others after death? Do you really think this is possible? If she alive, could hardly defend herself, why now after her death she would develop such a titanic force? Every soul follows their course, those spirits are illusory, they love to disturb your peace, can mimic voices and even mannerisms. Try using it to contact you and when they can, they get free access.

Me: But you did not say that demons are not evil creatures?

Horthembrak: No they´re not, demons are intelligent beings, much smarter than you, they challenge the very creation. We do not live as humans. You are like pets.

02:54 - He said that to obtain success and come up our reality he must have sex with my sister. I did not agree with it, it is out of line, it is against nature, but my sister agreed and so I am here outside the room waiting for them.

03:15 - They seem to have ended, my sister is with a face full of dissatisfaction, do not know why but I feel disgusted.

03:44 - I desculad. The letters are illegible, I can not write, just write to apologize, apologize to my father, I'm sorry to all. I want to make clear that I am innocent, God knows I am.

I just make an eyesore, but it was necessary, not my fault.

My brother suddenly began beating Alicia violently on her face. I tried to avoid, but couldn´t, with only one arm he threw me across the room. I saw no alternative... I was defending myself and defending the life of my sister.

Get that metal pipe in his head, this was the only way to stop him.

.. h.. min - I do not know what time it is, my clock just stopped, I am sitting on the floor, I hope the day dawns, so think these things go away, my brother is fallen, fainted on the floor. My sister is still unconscious, the room is cold, the fear I feel is incredible, such a big fear that I got to throw up. I do not know what's going on, things got out of control. I just protect me and my sister, within the circle of salt.

.. h. .. min - Sorry if the ink pen is now red. The pen I was using floated in front of me and simply exploded, as if there was a bomb inside. I do not know why, but I can not stop writing. I think it has a real reason. I think I may serve as an example. A bad example

.. h.. min - Seems curse... the moring is not coming, I am afraid, I've thought several times in pleading for the Christian God, but I can not falter, I have to be strong. Cried for the guardian spirits.

.. h. .. min - Now I heard a horrible sound. I'm terrified, as if there was a crowd screaming and crying outside the hut. I'm not scared...

.. h.. min - There are three black figures looking at me, they have red eyes, try to contact them, tell them I'm here at their service

.. h.. min - Now just felt the worst feeling of my life, the beings are gone, I felt as if several cold larvae had tryed to get in my body, they tried to enter my mouth. I can not run, my legs would not obey me, now I know how a person feels paralyzed. I realized that these spirits are nasty, I just hold my breath and they do not take me.

.. h.. min - I am making it, I held my breath several times, they are gone. Left me alone. I won!

.. h. .. min - I hear steps, finally someone came to our rescue, who knows I may even save my brother...

After three days of searching the police found the bodies of the two brothers. Reinaldo was lying in the room with the body in form of a cross and on his feet was a dog's skull. Roberval was found lying on his knees, his face was purple, he died of asphyxiation, police said it was suicide. One exotic way to kill himself. Alicia had been found naked, running through the forest. Was in an advanced state of dehydration.

To this day no one knows hows the case ended, no one really knows if Alicia was pregnant or had success with that invocation.

This case remains a mystery, many will laugh, say it is just a rumor or a mere story. Others use this case as an example to young people that one day may have this kind of curiosity...

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