Friday, December 20, 2013


This legend was well known in the eighties. The following names are fictitious.

Mr. Jones was a retired man who had as a hobby. He loved to spend his money buying antiques: buying furniture, lamps, old documents, etc.. Until one day, when a man of very poor appearance approached him. The man offered a clock that was actually very old, the price equivalent to approximately thirty dollars nowadays. John bought it quickly, and was happy to see that poor man with an expression of relief when he left.

He then asked his wife to hang that beautiful clock on the wall, just above the rocker nineteenth century. One day John was reading the newspaper, which was customary when his wife heard a very strange noise. Upon arriving in the room, she encountered a horrific scene: her husband lying on the floor, his head crushed by the clock and rocking chair collapsed to the ground. Traumatized, the lady sold the house and the furniture and moved in with relatives.

An antique dealer bought all the furniture and objects, except the clock, which was purchases by a woman in her early thirties. She was a divorced woman, who did not used to collect old objects, but had felt very drawn to this simple clock. She put the clock beside the bed since she thought it was too heavy to be hung on the wall. A week later, her children heard a strange noise coming from the woman's room. When they opened the door, they found the poor girl lying on the floor, crushed by the clock. Again, this object has been sold. 

They say this clock still goes from house to house, intact always victimizing people, destroying families mysteriously. 

Conclusion: If you see an antique clock being sold for a very low price, be suspicious! It may be this haunted clock, protagonist of a legend that even today gives rise to much discussion.

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