Saturday, March 9, 2013


When I found this tale on in a blog from a girl named Gabriela I thought it was so interesting and somehow comic I needed to share, so... here it is:

It was new moon’s night. Lizzye lived alone in a beautiful house. When finished washing the dishes she decided to finally connect the computer to do her jobs. Lizzye was ready to print her work, but the computer was shut down unexpectedly, as well as all lights and electrical objects in her home.

- Damn! What now? I could not even save the file! - She complained.

The girl, angry, turned on the TV, however remembering that there was no electricity. Lizzye realized that it was already late, so she went to sleep.

- Lizzye ... - Said a mysterious voice.

- Uh? Who's there? - She asked.

Lizzye - Hello, do you think we can be friends? - Asked the voice.

- Friends? But I don’t know who you are... And how do you know my name?

- I know everybody's name, dear.

Lizzye was increasingly worried.

- Who are you anyway? And why do you want my friendship? - She asked a little irritated.

- You know who I am if you accept being my friend, the reason does not matter right now.

The girl is silent.

- What is it? Are you afraid?

- No! But I don’t know you so there’s no way I’ll be your friend. - She said.

- Believe me, you will love to be my friend, you will regret if you do not accept.

- I don’t care! Let me sleep!

- You know best.

The girl, thinking about what the mysterious voice told her, fell asleep.

On Saturday morning she had arranged to go out with her friends. When she returned, it was about 11 pm. She realized that electricity was back, but Lizzye was exhausted and decided to go to bed. Before falling asleep, she heard a voice:

- Lizzye! At last you have arrived! So, let’s be friends?

- To me it makes no difference ...

- May I consider it as a "yes"?

- Whatever, now let me sleep!

The next night, Lizzye was greeted with the same voice:

- Since you accepted being my friend, I need to talk to you.

- Friend? Uh ... Ah, whatever! Shoot.

- You know, I liked you, so I will not kill yo when your time comes...

- What? How so? Then I'll be immortal? - She asked, startled.

- Well, yes... But say you won’t remain here in "this world", but in "my world."

- Still I don’t get it... - She said confused.

- I'll explain: I went out looking for people, the ones who interested me more, but none of them accepted being my friends. You have accepted, so I have to take you.

- But why?!

- I need your help to bring other people when their time comes.

- I can’t, I have duties here!

- If you are with me, you will not have them anymore! I want new friends, and I will also need your help for this.

- And my family and friends?

- They'll think you're gone.

- But I don’t even know your name...

- I am Death. Come with me?

- Let me see you.

Before the eyes of Lizzye, was a shadowy figure, with his whole body covered with a black cloak, his face was not visible.

- So, shall we? - Asked Death.

Manoella was preparing to sleep after a hard and very tiring day.

- Manoella... - Said a mysterious voice.

- Who's there?

- Hello Manoella, wanna be my friend?

Manoella, confused, asked many questions, and told how her life was difficult, she had lost relatives, lost her job, she no longer had the will to live, at least not in "this world".

- Well then, accept to be my friend, and come to "my world".

- Before I need to know who you are. - Said Manoella.

- I am the friend of Death...

Ps.: If you want to read the original here is the link: Amiga Da Morte and the text is in portuguese.

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