Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Some say that it all started in June, 2008 in a "Paranormal Pictures" photoshop contest launched in Something Awful Forums where contestants were required to turn ordinary pictures into something creepy or paranormal with the use of digital manipulation and that a guy by the name of Victor Surge posted two black and white pictures of unidentified children with a short description of a creature that would be "Slender Man". Others say that it may have been inspired by the villain called "Cabadath" sometimes referred as "Tall Man" of amateur adventures games entitled "Chzo Mythos" published by Ben Yahtzee Croshaw in 2003.

Nobody really knows about his origin... if he is an ET, someone from another dimension or just another new breed trying to survive. What is known is that he has been spotted right before the disappearance of many children.

Slender Man is described as a very tall and thin man like creature with big arms like tentacles or tentacles coming out of his back and no face, dressed in a black suit.

Slender Man became a well known mythical creature in many paranormal forums and boards and with time many other material about the creature popped on the internet and even some YouTuber projects like “MarbleHornets” for example started to upload entries with videos showing evidence of the real existence of this creature.

There was even an Episode of Dr Who Series called "The Silence" where a fictional religious movement led by Aliens portrayed creatures that looked just like The Slender Man – tall men like beings wearing black suits with featureless faces that had the power of mind control and made people loose memory when they looked away after seeing them.

Here it is a documentary video directed by Jared Hudson called "Slender Suits - The Documentary of the Slender Man", putting a little more light into the subject. Enjoy!

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