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Scary urban legends exist almost everywhere. Many urban legends are real stories that have changed over time to the point where they are no longer recognizable as the original story. Other urban legends are simply made up stories that have no basis in truth. These particular urban legend of this post have thrilled people for several generations and they still are some of the most common legends told at slumber parties and camping trips.

Don't Answer The Phone

A babysitter was watching television one night after putting the kids to bed, and the phone rang. When she answered it there was no one on the other end - just a sound of breath.

Two minutes later, the phone rang again. This time a hysterical laughter burst out of the phone. Concerned, she called the operator, who told her that they would trace the call.

When the phone rang again, she answered it to hear a low, terrifying laugh again before the caller hung up.

Barely seconds later, the phone rang once more. The operator shouted, "Ma'am, you have to get out of the house right now. We traced the call and it's coming from the other extension in your house!" The babysitter dropped the phone and as she raced to the front door, she heard the pounding footsteps of someone racing down the stairs. She ran out of the house and collided into a police officer. As the officer and his partner ran into the house they found a man holding a butcher's knife. The murderer had entered the house through an upstairs window, murdered both children and was planning to murder the babysitter next.

Flashed From Behind

A college student was traveling home from school. As she entered one particularly long, dark stretch of forest, a car that had been following her suddenly raced up close and the driver flashed his lights. She accelerated in order to pull away, but the car kept pace and again flashed his lights. She accelerated again, but the car behind her kept up and continued flashing his lights.

Within moments, the student saw an approaching police car. She pulled over and so did the car behind her and the police car pulled up behind them both. The officer quickly got out of his car and raced towards her. The officer pulled her quickly out of the car and before she could ask what was happening he ran back to the car and with his gun drawn, opened the back door and shouted, "Get out of the car slowly with your hands in the air." As the college student watched, a large man holding a knife got out of the back seat of her car. As he was being handcuffed, the man who had been following her told her that he was flashing his lights every time the man would rise up from the back seat to stab her.

The Clown Statue

A babysitter was working one night at a house and after she puts the children to sleep she goes to watch tv in the parents bedroom, because it was closer to the children.

She flipped the lights off and plopped down on the bed. As she pushed the power button on the remote, the room was flooded with light from the television. She saw the creepy statue instantly. It was a fairly big statue of a clown, that had the most sinister look on it’s face. It stood in the corner and seemed to be watching her every move.

Finally, the babysitter became concerned by its presence and called the parents. Upon hearing its description, the mother ordered the babysitter to leave the house immediately with the children and head for the neighbors.

Even not understanding what was happening she did what she was told to and went to the neighbors with the kids.

When arriving at the neighbors, the parents explained the sitter that they never had a life-sized clown statue. Apparently a mentally ill neighbor had been threatening to murder the family. He had dressed as a clown and was laying in wait for them in that room.

Glass in the Fried Rice

A couple had a tradition of ordering Chinese food every Friday night from their favorite local restaurant. One particular Friday night they ordered their usual, which came with a large order of fried rice.

By the middle of the night they were both overcome with excruciating stomach pain and severe bleeding. The husband became so concerned the he called 911 for help. Two ambulances arrived, and as they loaded the husband and wife into the vehicles they also collected samples of the Chinese food the couple had eaten the night before.

Neither the husband nor wife made it to the hospital; they both died of internal bleeding. An analysis of the Chinese food turned up fragments of glass throughout the fried rice. A subsequent inspection of the Chinese restaurant revealed that a disgruntled employee had broken a drinking glass, chosen a random batch of fried rice and poured the tiny glass fragments into the rice. The employee was arrested for the two deaths.

The Dead Dog

A child who woke during the night would frequently hold her hand out to her dog to lick so she would go back to sleep. One night, she was awakened multiple times by what sounded like a dripping faucet. Each time she awoke, she put her hand down for her dog to lick. When morning came, she went into the bathroom to find out what was causing the dripping. In the shower, she discovered her dead dog hanging from the curtain rod, with his blood dripping into the drain. When she returned to her room, she discovered a note which read, "Humans can lick, too."

Here I am showing you only five but you will find literally hundreds of scary urban legends all around the world. Each urban legend typically has several versions to it.

If they are true or not we might never know for sure, but of one thing we do know: urban legends satisfy a human desire to find entertainment and thrills within our deepest and darkest fears.

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