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The story of Colton Burpo, an American boy who said he had been in heaven when he was in a coma after an operation for appendicitis became a book and a source of controversy in TV programs.

Colton is now 11 years old, but the he was four when he had this experience. His parents say that his memories came slowly, and among them, Colton mentioned the meeting with the great-grandfather by the father he never knew. He described him as an enlightened being, with curly hair and huge wings. He said he asked about his father and told several family stories.

Another impressive detail has been when Colton recounted the moment when a girl approached him saying to be his sister. She confided to the boy she did not come to birth and had not had a name on earth, but she was very happy to meet him in person since only saw him from a distance.

When Colton told this to his parents, the two were moved and came to cry. The boy's mother had actually lost a baby naturally, without even knowing the sex and combined with her husband to never reveal it to anyone because the loss had hurt a lot. Therefore, Colton did not know what happened because he was not even born.

This is where the mystery begins to increase.

After these two moments, which came to shake the religious conceptions of the family, Colton said other intriguing details about the trip he describes as a trip to paradise. He said that in that place where everything is bright and colorful, people dress up in bright and steamy clothes, do not wear glasses and look forever young, happy and smiling.

In another memory, Colton said he was sitting on Jesus’ lap, and He had said he would have the mission to bring a message of hope to the world. While Colton revealed that next to Jesus was also John the Baptist, who smiled at him and blessed him.

Besides all these revelations are others no less confusing in the book of Colton, "Heaven is for real", which already became a bestseller since November 2010 when it was released. It has sold almost two million copies in the United States and there are already claims to be translated into other languages.

By disclosing his memories to his parents, Colton did not know how much he would be leaving them puzzled, like all people who know their case. The media got soon interested and Colton was the subject of reports on websites, newspapers, magazines and on TV. When interviewed on the Today show on NBC, he left presenters speechless with his naturalness telling details of his "journey".

The journalists curious and unbelieving began to interview, and when finished just got completely thrilled and convinced that Colton was actually telling the truth. Commented that the boy had already been heard by experts, psychologists and doctors in general to a more detailed investigation of the matter. The conclusion was surprising. None of these professionals knew how to give a scientific explanation about what happened to the boy.

To make people even more confusing, Colton told firmly that saw the top of the room where he was being operated, the doctors running from one side to another to try to save it. From there he could see also his father talking on cell phone in the hallway of the hospital, worried and nervous and his mother crying and praying in the chapel. According to the parents of Colton, he could not know all of this, because nobody saw them in that situation at that moment of despair when Colton entered into a coma.

Well, the story and the controversy are released. On this trip to heaven boy Colton, a normal pre-teen, who does everything that a boy his age does regularly, said he brought with him a message from God, especially for those who lost loved ones. Colton says without hesitation that "Heaven is real and in it we can reunite with people that was gone."

And how good would it be if we firmly believe that, don’t you agree?

"Heaven is for real" reminded me of the touching story of English guitarist Eric Clapton that in 1991 tragically lost his little boy of four years old, falling from his apartment in a very high floor of a building in Manhattan, NY. Clapton in his despair composed the song "Tears in Heaven", in memory the child, where he says he hopes to see him someday in heaven. Now, who knows, after the revelations of Colton, Clapton will rekindle the hope of seeing his child again? Let’s hope so...

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