Monday, August 8, 2011


For many years there was a man who was addicted to playing cards. He was not a drinker ... His addiction was the cards!

His wife was already pissed of the hours he spend every nights away from home to play with friends. Also he had lost a lot of money on it. One day she complained to him before he left home: "Going out to play again??!!! And will lose even more money!!"... Then he said: "Today if I lose I want to see the devil right in front of me!!!", and left.

He played until almost midnight ... and lost. Returning home he was going through dirt roads and cut through a pasture. Lowered to pass underneath a fence and when he raised his head he was staring at a goat with eyes as red as fire... and the goat SAID: "You wanted to see me, didn´t you?" (In the neighborhood there was no one that creates goats). The man faint down there! When he woke it was almost morning, and very scared he ran home. Almost with no voice he told his wife what had happened. 

Needless to say, he never went gambling again!

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