Monday, August 8, 2011


The Amazon is a region rich in myths and legends, and embedded in the forest there are several cities that blend into the middle of the green mosaic, people live closely with nature and learn to live with it in the midst of fantastic events that for many are just stories, for me it is a cultural heritage.

This story I'm going to tell comes from São Paulo de Olivença, the city of Amazonas state near the border with Colombia and Peru.

It is said that a few decades ago, a city of very strong religious background, as the tradition of the families go to church...

Everything happened in their routine, when it came the most famous pagan festival of Brazil, the Carnival. This time the pastor of the city wanted to re-moralize the city that passed through many changes, especially alcohol-related problems, and this occasion he was merciless with the faithful ones, wanting them to attend the masses he would celebrate during the carnival, the population found themselves in a tricky situation, it seemed that their religious tradition would prevail, but to the surprise of the pastor the population simply disappeared, only a few showed up and this caused the anger of the priest, who pissed cursed: "these stupid people, chose the devil instead of God, so they celebrate it with the devil."

People who heard that were scared, but after the situation they went to their homes.

The party took place in the street with lots of drinking and other earthly delights, the main focus of the festival took place in the square matrix, which is opposite the church. 

When they were at about 03:00 am the unexpected happened and they got terrified, not just one person but dozens of people saw nothing more, nothing less than the devil dancing and spitting fire!

Panic swept the crowd and the tumult was made. On the other nights the party continued, but with much less people cause most of them went to church.

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