Saturday, June 18, 2011


In the past I've heard of a process called "zombification" which is basically a dead man who is awake and acts like a living, it seems they take a part of the brain and take control of the body.

For me it was just a legend ... until you see it.

In Toraja in Indonesia, there is a macabre ceremony. A corpse is "awake" and leave to walk to his grave. They said the corpse is agreed using black magic. They do this because the cemeteries are in mountain regions, so no one wants to lead the deceased to the place they must walk alone.

The body follows guided by an "expert" in black magic, which takes them to the site. However, there is a rule, if called by name, the body falls and doesn´t raise anymore.


In Haiti that is the name given to quackery that voodoo priests, assert themselves to gain admiration and respect of the people. Applying a dose of tetrodotoxin (or "puffer fish toxin") in any volunteers for any layman they will present the signs of death, because the toxin dramatically reduces heart rate and pulse. Within a given time period is given the antidote to this "death" and so the person "gets back". The person after resurrected from the grave, remains in a catatonic state because of side effects that lack of oxygen to the brain causes, so people really look like zombies.


But back to the photo above, it is probably a stiffened corpse by mummification caused by limestone, which is there just standing by stiffness.. The man in red must be a family member who was cleaning the corpse. Note that the picture has, besides the camera used to take the shot, someone with a cellphone, would not it be more proof if they had posted a video?

So if you were already preparing yourself excited to land in Indonesia and "unzombify" the place you better let go...

Actually the real ritual it´s part of a tradition called Ma'nene, a kind of tribute to the ancestors who died. In this tradition the bodies of family members who died long ago are unearthed and their clothes are exchanged as a form of tribute to them. Check out the images that show this tradition:

Tense, sad, creepy, this tradition is definitely shocking to us. Would you dare go there, dig out your great-grandmother and change her clothes?

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