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An account of the tragic murders of the DeFeo family before 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville became the most famous haunted house in history.

Thousands of sightseers flock to the small, quiet town of Amityville, Long Island each year in search of demons and ghosts. Its rich history and beauty are overshadowed by the story of George and Kathy Lutz, the previous residents of 112 Ocean Avenue, who claimed that shortly after moving into the house they "fled in terror," driven out by paranormal activity. The best selling novel and popular movie have marked the town as the site of the most famous haunted house in history, yet many are unaware that the true history of this house is much darker than "The Amityville Horror's" icy drafts and bleeding walls. Six members of the DeFeo family were murdered at 112 Ocean Avenue one year before the Lutz family moved in and their tragedy haunts the citizens of Amityville to this day.

It has been reported that in the early morning hours of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr Butch left the second floor TV room and grabbed his .35 Marlin Rifle. While his parents and four younger brothers and sisters were sleeping he methodically shot and killed each one of them. He entered his parent's bedroom first, instantly killing his father Ronald DeFeo with two shots to the lower back. His mother Louise was awakened by the gunfire but before she had a chance to react Butch proceeded to fire two bullets into her chest. Since the bodies of his four younger brothers and sisters were all found in their beds, it appeared that they were not awakened by the shots. His two younger brothers, John and Mark, were his next victims. Standing between their beds in the room the two young boys shared, he fired one shot at close range into each of their bodies. Finally, he entered the room of his sisters Dawn and Allison. Dawn was the closest in age to Butch, and Allison was in grade school with John and Mark. Butch did not hesitate when he fired two shots into their heads, killing them instantly. The police reported that all six victims were found on their stomachs with their heads resting on their arms.

Just over a year after the DeFeo's murders, the Lutz family moved into the DeFeo's old house, 112 Ocean Avenue, on the 18th December, 1975.

George and Katy Lutz, together with her 3 children from a previous marriage, Daniel, Christopher, and Missy moved into the sprawling house which had cost them just $80,000, and they loved it.

George Lutz said that the house was a dream come true. Even though the house had been the scene of a horrific multiple murder a little over a year before, when 23-year-old Ronnie DeFeo went from room to room methodically shooting his parents and his four brothers and sisters in their beds. The Lutzes sat down with their three young children and agreed the family could handle it.

Just to be on the safe side, the day the Lutzes moved in they had a priest, Father Ray Pecoraro, bless the house. While the priest was blessing the house as the family move in, a strange masculine voice clearly said to him "Get out!". Then, Lutz says, Pecoraro became ill with flu-like symptoms and his hands began to bleed.

As he drove back to the rectory, the bonnet of the priest's car flew open, smashing against his windscreen. One of the welded hinges tore loose. The right door flew open. The car stalled. The priest summoned a friend for help. Later the windscreen wipers, began to fly back and forth like crazy and couldn't be stopped.

The family moved in anyway, but within days they began to notice strange phenomena. The Lutz family lived in the house for only 28 days, before they fled one night claiming it was haunted. They never returned to the house for their possessions and have not been back to this day.

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