Sunday, November 1, 2009


Rodhen was always a funny guy, even if it was something serious or even dangerous, he always sought to find in his sense of humor some security and peace for all.

There was a time, about fourteen years ago, he was quite young, had to travel to a country town to attend one of these local events. His mother would arrive the next day, then he would have to sleep in the house of Miss Zefinha.

He said she was already an old lady, but very nice, everytime they travelled to this little town they stayed in her house.

He had taken a few clothes, then took a bath and went to watch TV. He and Miss Zefinha talked a little. Zefinha said she would lie down a bit and asked him to call if her daughter came to work. He set out to do it and Zefinha went to sleep; after some seconds she returned and asked him not to touch in the offerings that were on the table.

Zefinha was umbandista (a kind of religion in Brazil) and knowing how Rodhen was playfull, decided to alert him in advance. He smiled and said there was no need to worry cause he would only watch TV and anything more.

Zefinha went to the bedroom and Rodhen stayed in the living room. Sometime at night he began to feel hungry, looked at the table and saw some popcorn in a
strange bucket.

He got up and went to them:

- A popcorn will not be missed by the saint.

He smiled and took some... They were delicious, were made in olive oil. Then rose again and took a few more, as he was distracted looking at the TV dropped half the contents on the floor. Was frightened seeing the dirt that was done, was sneaking into the kitchen, grabbed a broom and started sweeping.

He took a sheet of cardboard and used it as a shovel, then joined the popcorn and put them back in the bowl, even with sand, dust and other dirt from the floor.

He sat on the couch and returned to watching TV. He felt a cold wind in the left ear. He felt the hairs on his neck stood on end. He looked to the side and saw no one, thought to call Zefinha, but no doubt she would find out he had appointed some, the solution was to wait for Marlene (daughter of Zefinha) come home from work and ask her some help. Looked at TV, but could not concentrate.

He began to feel a sickness, a pressure in his stomach, it was like throwing up, went into the bathroom and tried to vomit, but when forced to mouth, what came out was not popcorn, but the word.

- Now just Zifin mi! You are my offering.

He began to cry, was horrible that feeling, never felt such panic in life. How those words could come out of his mouth without his consent?

He felt his mouth and lips twitched, he began to laugh and turn the body in a counterclockwise direction, no longer had control over himself.
He felt something cold in his arms and even with the blurred vision he could see the face of Miss Zefinha, she spent a few leaves in his arms and said things he could not hear. He just reminds her give him a slap on the forehead and passed out.

Woke up and was lying outside the house, there were Zefinha and one elderly black man and with him was a dark young man dressed in white. Zefinha talked with Mr Black. Rodhen was lying face up, and with eyes half-closed he looked.
Zefinha said something like:

- Let him alone, he didn´t mean to bother... let him. I promise I will make a new offering, even better.

The dark young man looked directly at him, grabbed a white hat and put on his head. He smiled with a layered look to him, with eyes that looked like two holes targeting Rodhen and said:

- Be careful kid, I´ll still come back to teach.

The man walked slowly toward the woods and was gone.

Rodhen felt for the first time the price of his curiosity.

Today if you ask him:

- Rodhen! You have the fear of macumba?

He answers:

- I do not... I respect.

Does he really respect or fear it?

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