Sunday, November 1, 2009


Once upon a time a very humble young man lived as nomadic, always seeking a cozy place to rest his animals.

One day when running for an abandoned place, he saw a very old cabin, which with no doubt would be abandoned for some time.

He then decided to stay there for one night. He tied his donkey and his two goatlings, then pulled the bag and outside the hat he was able to prepare his mesh. He preferred to stay on the outside, it didn´t feel good to get into the house.

Then he went to the woods to look for some wood so he could build a fire, soon it would be evening and he could not be at the mercy of the cold.

As he had experience in the forest, he lit his fire without much difficulty, took his canteen and decided to enjoy the starry night. The sky was beautiful, there were clouds clear, as the summer afternoons the wind was slowly making a single whistle, the perfect melody to sleep. He took another sip of brandy and felt his lips numb, took another sip and another and remembered that he had to feed the animals. He pulled the bag and poured some food for each. The pets were treated well, they were great company, always at his side, could be anytime or anyplace.

The sky was already dark and the cold was very gentle, he decided to get some sleep, it was not very late, but had been a long day and he needed rest. He slept almost immediately, lying on the cabin door. In the middle of the night woke half amazed, because his mesh was packing up with a tremendous force. That left him scared, he woke up and looked around, the night was dark, he wanted to sleep inside the house, but could not bear to leave their animals alone, there might be some wild animal and he wanted to be around to protect his friends . But then, what the hell, had shaken his mesh?

He pulled his gun and looked around to see if it was some animal, or some funny, which is unlikely. He heard a noise, almost a hiss, it seemed people talking... - Indians? - He looked again, but all stopped, no sound, not even the crickets natural sound. He found it all very strange, but decided to sleep again, he might have swung the mesh himself while sleeping, you never know.

He lay down again, but this time with the shotgun in his arms, as a cautious man knows it is better to look fool than irresponsible. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but it was not long and felt as if his knees were pushing on his back, turned almost immediately with a gun in his fists, but saw nothing. Right now found that it was more of a dream but something very strange.

He woke up again and went to get his animals, and as soon as he untied the first goatling, their hind legs seemed to float in the air, as if invisible hands were pulling them. The boy started screaming pulling the animal back, but the goatling was pulled with such force that it became impossible to stop, it was like twenty men to pull the other side. The animal cried in desperation and his legs were bleeding already threatening to break. In an act of despair, and sorry for the animal, he released him and let him go.

The goatling was pulled as it flew into the middle of the trees, there he heard a horrible noise of bones being broken.

He was on his knees and wept, wondering what was happening.

Even with the fear he went in search for the other animals and saw that the other goatling was also being pulled by that strange force. He fell to his knees and asked God to spare his life and the lives of his animals. Then the goatling fell to the ground, and he almost automatically picked up, then took colt, threw his wounded animal on his shoulders and ran away.

Ran into the jungle and when he turned his eyes to the house, he saw an old woman that looked horrible who smiled at him.

Nobody knows for sure what this woman said to him, people just say that he ran and got lost almost a whole day as crazy in the woods. Only after a while people found his pets and himself all wounded lying on a bed of river, his eyes staring at nothing.

It was long before he recovered himself and told what had happened, he just can not remember what happened after he looked at those eyes, which he said were totally evil.

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