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Laurie Cabot, now 76, was born in 1933 in the city of Wewoka. Her name was Mercedes Elizabeth Kearsey. As a child kept hher admiration for the occult and supernatural world. The first witch who saw in the media was in the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." For her there was not only evil spells, after all the kiss of the prince who awakened Snow White would not be a spell, a kind of magic as well?

Moreover, the Bible was confusing ... while the holy book taught that witches should die (inquisition), incoherently he also teaches that we should love each other and should not kill anyone?! - "Moses did not resort to magic when he challenged Pharaoh. And when Jesus was born ... He was visited by three wise men, who were actually astrologers and sorcerers. Yet I learned that Mary was an ordinary person who gave birth to a God"... This does not make sense in her head - "How can anyone believe that any woman would do such a divine feat, at least she should have been very special, I wonder if she would not be truly a goddess. She had too much power."

Her first supernatural experience occurred even in a Catholic church. Was when she fell into a trance during a prayer at this time she was 6. Then came the cognate experience (omens), which could provide facts ordinary days before they happen. Clearly, for a child it was all strange and bizarre. But Laurie absorved new experiences very quickly and wisely.

During high school, contacts with spirits and her curiosity increased her hunger for more knowledge, was when she learned about portions and healing. Everything seemed natural to her but for her friends they were really supernatural manifestations, so that the discrimination and social isolation was an inevitable consequence.

But now things have changed a lot. Grew up believing that witches could be so good, that make parts for healing and rituals to promote the welfare of the people.

Famous throughout the world and pioneered the dissemination of witchcraft in the United States, published books that became best sellers. Titles such as: The Power of the Witch, The Witch in Every Woman, Celebrate the Earth have been translated into several languages.

Today when she comes out on the streets of Salem with all her clothes certainly still provokes awe in many people, but also admiration.

In Salem, Laurie Cabot is well known, a celebrity, was about to be declared by the government with "Official Witch of Salem". What made her store that before only sold herbs, tarot portions a real tourist spot.

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