Saturday, October 24, 2009


It happened last month... I was in that point between asleep and awaken when I heard a noise in my room and through the sheets (I normally sleep all covered from top to toes) I saw a figure with the same silhouette of my brother close to my computer´s desk. At that moment I thought with myself: "He is probably looking for cigarettes... better show him where they are."

My first move was to take the sheets away to wake up and show him where the cigarettes were. But the thing is when I put the sheets out there was nobody there.

It was strange but then I woke up and walked the house to see where he had gone. When going to his bedroom I saw he was there in deep sleep.

At that moment I felt no ground under my feet cause my mother always said to me that my daddy (he died of a car accident one month before I be born) was exactly like this brother of mine if he was black, same body type, same face...

I couldn´t sleep anymore after that, it was about 4 am.

When the morning came I commented the happening with my mother and she said that it must have been my daddy´s visit to see if everything was ok with me :-O

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