Sunday, October 25, 2009


There was a man sitting on a park bench where he always used to stay awhile.

He was relaxed looking at the trees the sun and wind, the pigeons in search of food, street vendors selling trinkets, nesting birds, children playing, the church bells tolling, old men rolling data or playing dominoes.

Suddenly he found himself surrounded by seven face covered figures and one of them said:

"We are residents of the future"

"What did you come to tell me?" - He asked, feeling uncomfortable.

So, one by one began to say:

1 - I am a storm: one day I can take everything you have.

2 - I'm hunger, one day I can come and you will know one of the biggest problems that plague the world.

3 - I'm unemployment: one day I can visit you and you will not know how to survive.

4 - I'm a fire: one day I can leave you homeless and without shelter.

5 - I am melancholy: one day I can reach you and you will lose the will to live.

6 - I am the solitude: one day I can knock on your door and you will not have friends to hear you or to talk.

7 - I am old age: when I arrive, you will be empty, sick and without goals.

Suddenly, like a whirlwind, the seven figures spoke at the same time, haphazardly. The man, calm and relaxed before, began to tremble.

Starting to breathe, gradually starting to feel better, and as if by magic, he could see the faces of the seven figures.

Were exactly equal to him!

He, with decision, said:

You are thieves of peace!
Are robbers of distracted minds!
You are myself!
You are my thoughts!
You do not live in the future!
You live in my head, but it I'm the boss!"

... He continued

"Here I learned from the trees that renewal is possible after having lost their leaves.

Here I learned from the doves that there will always have more food than doves hungry.

Here I learned from the vendors that the employer is not always necessary and there will always be ways to survive.

Here I learned from the birds in each nest down, new nests can be built.

Here the children taught me that it requires no effort to be happy and want to live.

Here I learned from the bells that as we are alone, there will always be someone to listen.

And here I learned from old men who are always viable targets to achieve, even if it is a winning bet of data or a game of dominoes."

Little by little those figures started to change their heavy expressions, opening a soft smile and began to say:

1 - I'm Prosperity.

2 - I'm Plenty.

3-I am the Progress.

4 - I'm Safety.

5 - I am Joy.

6 - I am the brotherhood.

7 - I am sure that Life is Eternal.

Feeling that had dominated his own "ghosts", the man walked out smoothly and quietly towards tomorrow.

"If you do not dominate your head, it will dominate you"

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